Female Fertility Panel

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Collection Method: Dry blood and Salliva
For Individual ages 18+

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Fertility awareness is a fundamental right every woman deserves, and now it’s easier than ever with KnowingLabs home tests! Whether you plan on having a baby soon or want to get ahead for future family planning goals, our test kits provide all the vital information needed while giving maximum comfort & privacy in your own space.

Sample Collection

Easy to follow steps to make the process of collecting your sample seamless.


If you are planning to conceive soon and want to check the hormones involved in fertility; if you are considering freezing your eggs, or if you have been trying to conceive naturally without success.

Results are ready around five to seven days after the sample is received in our lab.

We don't bill your insurance directly but you can always submit your receipt for reimbursement if your insurance plan allows it.

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