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KnowingLabs allows you to conveniently order any test at any time from the convenience and privacy of your home, allowing you to avoid trips to the doctor's office and unnecessary waiting time. The At-Home kits we provide contain all the necessary supplies and instructions to make collecting your own sample, fast, simple, and secure.

In order to achieve optimal performance in your personal and professional life, all your body's systems need to be balanced and in harmony with each other. Mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health should be balanced, valued equally, and regularly checked.

We are not a marketing tool, we are an actual Highly Complexity CLIA licensed laboratory with more than 10 years of experience serving a community of patients and medical providers in different states of the country.

Beyond a laboratory, we are a community of like minded people interested in supporting each other in our journey to not just thrive but excel in the performance of each area of body.

We don't bill insurance directly, but you can submit proof of your payment to your health insurance company for reimbursement according to your health plan benefits. You can also use your FSA or HSA account to purchase your kit.

Yes, we work with functional medicine physicians, anti-aging doctors, dermatologists, and chiropractors among other healthcare professionals to support the needs of their patients.

Please contact us at support@knowinglabs.com to inquire how we can support your practice.

KnowingLabs provides service in 46 states. Due to regulations, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maryland are unfortunately not included in our service area.

We would love to hear from you! Please send an e-mail to support@knowinglabs.com with any inquiries you have.

If you are collecting blood and saliva samples for the Male Hormone Complete Test offered by KnowingLabs you can find the instructions for your blood and saliva collection here (link)

If you are collecting blood and saliva samples for the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Test offered by KnowingLabs, you can find instructions for your sample collection using the Phlebotic Assistant device (link here).

For Blood Tests:

Please aim to fill the tube to the upper line if possible. The tips below might help you collect your sample.

If you have managed to fill the tube approximately half way, we would advise sending the sample back to the lab for testing. If there is not enough blood to provide a test result, we will reach out to you to discuss this.

If you have used all of your lancets and have not managed to fill the sample tube to at least the halfway mark, please let us know as other forms of sample collection may be more suitable for you.
Here are some tips to help:

1. Drink a glass of water. Being well hydrated will make it easier to collect your sample.
2. Shower before you collect your sample, or run your hands under warm water for a few minutes, as heat improves blood flow.
3. Do some light exercise (move around, go for a walk, etc.) to get the blood flowing.
4. Make sure your arm is below your heart level - let gravity do some of the work.
5. Nails that are too long can make it difficult to collect a sample.
6. Review the blood collection instructions and video (link here)

Hard skin and calluses can also make it more difficult to collect a sample, you can read more about this here (link here)

Unfortunately, there is no one test for everything. Even in hospitals, multiple tests are required for a comprehensive analysis.  KnowingLabs offers a wide range of tests through our partner laboratories that address many health concerns. If you live outside the US or have additional questions, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our tests or sample collection kits. You can contact our customer support team 24/7 by clicking here (link)