Food Sensitivity Vegetarian

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Collection Method: Dry blood
For Individual ages 18+

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The most comprehensive Food Sensitivity Vegetarian Panel in the market testing the IgG of more than 160 different foods and ingredients.

Is this for me?

Locked in an uncomfortable battle with food? You're not alone. The struggle of a mysterious reaction to something you ate can be frustrating and daunting.

Food sensitivities are becoming more and more common in today's society. Testing is essential because it can help you determine if you have any predisposition to certain foods and help you identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Sample Collection

Easy to follow steps to make the process of collecting your sample seamless.


It is recommended to test every three to six months to monitor changes in your inflammation markers due to the adjustments in your diet.

Results are ready around five to seven days after the sample is received in our lab.

We don't bill your insurance directly but you can always submit your receipt for reimbursement if your insurance plan allows it.

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