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Do you have a passion to help others improve their health and lifestyle? Join the KnowingLabs affiliate program today and earn money while helping others.

Partner with us!

How it Works

KnowingLabs was created to find a better way to monitor our health on a day-to-day basis instead of
only going to the doctor when we are feeling symptomatic. We put the power in our clients’ hands and
help them evaluate and execute personal health goals. By joining our affiliate program you can help
spread the joy of living a healthier life and get paid for it too.

  • 18% Commision

    Earn up to 18% on each sale

  • Customized Link

    1 short link for all platforms

  • 90 Day Conversion

    Up to 12 weeks tracking conversion

  • 30 Day Payout

    Receive your money every 30 days

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