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Menopause Panel

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    Collection Method: Painless Arm Capillary Blood and Saliva Sample

    4 Biomarkers

    For Women ages 40+

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    • Is this for me?

      Menopause is a cycle of life when menstruation stops for 12 months or more. Women can start menopause in their early 40s or as late as their 60s; unfortunately, early menopause can increase the risk of multiple serious diseases.

      KnowingLabs test will provide you with the information needed to take care of your health and make the decisions to improve the quality of your life.

    • Menopause's Related Symptoms

      * Irregular periods

      * Painful Sex

      * Sleep problems

      * Dry Skin

      * Stress

      * Irritability or sudden mood changes

      * Hot flashes

    Product Description

    The Menopause Panel measures 4 Hormones in your body, Estradiol, Progesterone, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone, and Luteinizing Hormone.

    Now that women are entering a new chapter in their lives, it's essential to know how your body is changing. Menopause can start anywhere between the 40s and 60s, but early onset of menopause increases the risk for serious health conditions. That’s why KnowingLabs' tests provide the info you need to lead a healthy life confidently!

    Uncover the secrets of your hormonal health with our comprehensive menopause panel! Get an informative picture of where you are in peri-, post-, or actual menopausal stages and get to know what could be causing those pesky symptoms.


    Estradiol: (E2) is a form of the female sex hormone, estrogen. Produced mainly by the ovaries, estradiol levels are highest during a woman’s reproductive years. Levels decline significantly during menopause. When Estradiol (a form of estrogen) is an imbalance, it often results in weight gain. It is useful to check Estradiol levels as the deficiency is not uncommon and is often the case with women entering menopause.

    Progesterone: Progesterone is a reproductive hormone involved in the development and sustenance of the reproductive organs, among other bodily functions. Abnormal levels of progesterone in women can cause symptoms such as mood changes, anxiety, and irregular menstruation.

    Follicle-Stimulating Hormone: (FSH) controls the development of follicles – the source of estrogen and progesterone. FSH thus regulates the menstrual cycle and stimulates the growth of eggs in the ovaries.

    Luteinizing Hormone: (LH) is the hormone responsible for ovulation.  Menopause triggers the decrease of estrogen and progesterone and the increase of LH

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