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Diabetic Panel

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    Collection Method: Painless Arm Capillary Blood and Urine Sample

    6 Biomarkers Measured

    For Men and Women ages 18+

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    Make the decision now to put your health first

    The glucose (sugar) in our blood is taken in through our diets and absorbed into the cells using insulin. Low levels of insulin cause blood sugar levels to rise and starves the cells of energy.  

    Diabetes can go undiagnosed for years, early detection and treatment of diabetes can decrease the risk of developing severe complications and other diseases. 

    Proper levels of glucose in our blood can be improve by healthy diet and exercise, a constant monitor of glucose will support you to adjust treatments and make changes in your lifestyle.


    What's included

    Everything you need to understand your results

    Detailed directions to guide you

    All materials for sample collection and sample analysis

    Pre-paid shipping both ways

    Help along the way if you need it

    Digital and printable results

    Group webinar with a healthcare professional

    What's in the box

    Collection instructions

    Collection Method: Finger Prick