The Future of Lab Work is in Your Hands

The Future of Lab Work is in Your Hands

Nearly every adult has had lab work done at some point in their life. Whether the reason for testing is for a medical concern, follow-up of treatment, or simply is time for your physical, the process is usually the same. You make a doctor’s appointment, take time off from work, sit for multiple minutes or even hours in the waiting area, and finally, after explaining your concerns to your physician, your lab sample is taken. The process is time-consuming and sometimes even tedious, no wonder so many adults wait until an issue is pressing and often too late before going to get the bloodwork done. At-home tests are here to change that!

At-home lab tests offer a new method to adults looking to get all the accurate information from lab testing from the convenience of their home. With Knowing Labs, a simple finger prick can tell you all the vital information you need to know about common concerns like fertility, sexual health, and even how your hormones affect your weight and energy levels with real, accurate lab tests from the convenience and privacy of your home.

These at-home panels may sound simplified, but in reality, they can detect serious issues early and keep you feeling your best. An excellent example of this is Knowing Lab’s Thyroid Panel which determines if your thyroid is overactive or underactive. An imbalance in your thyroid can be detected to prevent it from creating autoimmune issues, diabetes, and even heart disease. Unfortunately, many do not realize that they’ve had an imbalance or a change in the hormones involved in their thyroid levels until they develop a more serious condition.

Unlike other at-home lab testing companies, Knowing Labs owns its own CLIA certified laboratory with real staff members processing your tests. Most labs and at-home samples ship out your results for processing to secondary locations. The personalized approach at Knowing Labs creates more accuracy and control for the tests and more privacy for you. 

Not only can at-home test panels detect health concerns early, but they can also allow you to take control of your own wellness. For example, the Male and Female Fertility Panel from Knowing Lab performs a comprehensive analysis of the hormones involved in monthly cycles, ovulation, and the reproductive system. At-home fertility panels like these can allow couples to better understand their chances of conceiving in a single test, setting them up for future success.

One of the many benefits of at-home lab work is that it does not require any time to be taken out of your busy schedule. What used to take hours at a physical clinic or laboratory, now takes only minutes in your home. Lab kits are shipped right to you so that you can collect your own sample and then put it right back in the mail. They include easy-to-follow instructions so that you do not have to be a medical professional to ensure accurate collection and results. But perhaps best of all, the convenience allows you to get the tests you need fast, rather than waiting until you develop harsher symptoms or problems because of an ongoing issue. At-home tests are an affordable alternative to Functional Medicine that allows you to proactively test for common concerns. With the comfort of knowing that your brain, hormones, and organs are working their best to maintain your ideal quality of life, you can allow yourself to perform confidently. 

You can take control of your health by ordering an at-home testing panel from KnowingLabs today. There are multiple different panels, from Sleep and Stress to Inflammation, so that you can pinpoint your health concerns and goals. Find the test that is right for you to keep you in your best health and get your at-home test here: All Tests - Knowing Labs